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Saga is all About the Blank

Saga: About Blank

Saga is all about the blank on this release from No Qualms records. This is a hypnotic progressive trip that will keep your mind and body moving.

A Pocketful of Changes Found on the Table

The Ambiguity: A Pocketful of Changes Found on the Table

A Pocketful of Changes Found on the Table comes to us by way of Iowa City, Iowa artist The Ambiguity. This may be the first Iowa ambient I’ve heard.

Little Histories Of Cloudkicker

Cloudkicker: Little Histories

By the time I realized Subsume was out it was too late to review. Fortunately, the Little Histories of Cloudkicker is on my radar soon enough.

Freedom Of Choice - Mastermind XS Review

Mastermind XS: Freedom Of Choice

Mastermind XS has the Freedom Of Choice and skill to decide where they want to go with their music. But is that freedom always for the best?

Magic Power Play In The Sticks

Stick Men: Power Play

There’s a magic power play in the sticks. Tony Levin and Markus Reuter playing unique instruments, with Pat Mastelotto on percussion is an experience

Please Pray For Brain

Pray For Brain: None Of The Above

This is no zombie joke. This release makes me want to Pray for Brain. After hearing it, I think you will too…so, please Pray for Brain.