Title: Vintage Variables
: One Tasty Morsel

Release Date: 2013 April 03
Genre: Psytrance / Progressive
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Label: Ektoplazm / No Qualms Records

So, I have a tendency to find a netlabels by hearing about a release that I would like. ¬†When that happens I go and check out the label to see if the rest of the releases hold up to the track that piqued my curiosity. ¬†After streaming a few tracks, I’ll go ahead and grab either a few or all of their releases (depending on how many releases they have — I got into a match with one label that had a release every day, and some days two and three releases — I’m not nuts so I don’t try to keep up with them).

All of this explanation goes to why some of my reviews are on older releases. ¬†And why I sometimes review two or three releases from a particular label somewhat close together. ¬†It’s all in the batches of stuff I download, and listen to. ¬†But, I am making more of conscious effort to split things up, and try to make the reviews more current.

But, One Tasty Morsel’s ‘Vintage Variables’ is an exception. ¬†Yes, it has been out for eight months now. ¬†But, I recently came across the No Qualms Records site when I was looking at the Spoonhead release from Ektoplazm. ¬†And, this release from One Tasty Morsel was newer than the Spoonhead release, so I decided to give it a listen.

And I am glad that I have it in my playlist. ¬†It’s just that little bit different from just about everything else that I am listening¬†to that it really stands out, as in the way the releases in my 2013 roundup stood out to me.

This, according to the release notes from¬†Paul van Morsel, is “…¬†collective of original works from One Tasty Morsel from the earlier stage in his musical career.” ¬†If this is his earlier work, I definitely need to find out what he is doing today. ¬†This is a really fun release. ¬†Yes it stays within the genres as it is supposed to, but there are things that are just a little different. ¬†The way things are timed and phrased, some surprising combinations of samples (like Indian percussion and a growling saxophone riff).

I don’t listen to a lot of psytrance generally speaking. ¬†I always think that it’s a little to edgy for my general listening pleasure (I’m sure it works well in clubs, but since that’s not my scene I don’t generally find it all that useful). ¬†But there is always a release that breaks the rule. ¬†In fact, I am sure there will be more releases that break my general attitude towards psytrance the way this release from One Tasty Morsel has.

I think this is because there is also a touch of psychedelia in this release. ¬†And I find myself attracted to a lot of psychedelia. ¬†(Can you tell I grew up in the ’70s, and was heavily influenced by the music of the ’60s?)

Give it a listen.  I bet you find the charm, the humor, light psychedelic touches and the attitude that comes through in most of the tracks are quite attractive.  Even the more progressive tracks still have that unmistakable touch to them, and make for a really fun release.

[Note: Ektoplazm offers Free / Donation downloads of this release.  No Qualms Records offers this release under Name Your Price.]

One Tasty Morsel: Vintage Variables

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Posted by George De Bruin