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Cover: Undogmatic - Undogmatism

Undogmatic: Undogmatism

Trying to answer the question: What The Fuck Happened to Hip-Hop?

SubmarineFM - Sonar & Wine Cover

Submarine FM: Sonar & Wine

Dub music from France? Why yes it is. And it’s worth listening to for it’s nautical theme, excellent production and overall good vibe.

Roots Echo: Hidden Structures EP

Roots Echo: Hidden Structures EP

A release that offers a very different take on dubstep, but is itself fad-laden.

Cover: Negritage - Guetto Roots of Dub Vol 1

Negritage: Guetto Roots of Dub (Vol. 1)

This is a recording of the purest Jamaican dub sounds like we never hear in the US without importing recordings from Jamaica.

Knight Call: Battle Cat EP

Knight Call: Battle Cat

Battle Cat is a trip-hop / hip-hop release that is steeped in the culture of all things good and geeky.

Giuliano Rodrigues: Future Lounge

Giuliano Rodrigues: Future Lounge

I was approached to review a Dub Techno recording…something that is definitely out of my wheel house… Read on to find out how it went.