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Maxi Roots See No Light

Maxi Roots: See No Light

I thought it best to give Maxi Roots – See No Light a bit of light the day before it’s release rather than two days after. It also seems fitting to end the week the way I started it: with a dub release.

Brk's Dub Conversions EP

Brk: Conversion EP

Brk’s dub conversions make an excellent addition to the Sonux (now Otium) catalog.

Corty: Darkophonie
Cover: Elephant Bass Vol 1

Elephant Bass Vol. 1 & 2

The first releases from the new dub netlabel Elephant Bass Lab are full of good vibes and catchy rhythms.

Cover: Dub Tentacles Vol. 5

Dub Tentacles Vol. 5

A truely international compilation of Dub that will leave you smiling, and mellow.

Cover: Pobedia - Movement

Pobedia: Movement

This is the release that started me thinking I needed a grading scale.