Title: Time Of The Changes EP
Artist: The Artful Ft. Deep Lyrics
Label: Deep-X Recordings
Catalog No: deepx235
Country: Russia
Released: 10 Apr 2013
Style: Deep House

When I started listening to this release, I thought “ugh, another techno / house style release”. ┬áBut, when the keyboard came in and was followed by a nice smooth bass line I was hopeful this wasn’t going to be a typical house release. ┬áAnd I was rewarded with a build up into a nice track with a good feeling to it. ┬áThere were a few breaks in the tune, so it didn’t feel like a track with a single dimension. ┬áVariation is one of the things that most house and techno music get wrong by using it too sparingly. ┬áThis definitely isn’t the case with┬áTime Of The Changes, The Artful has done a nice job of changing the texture and arrangement around, without losing the beat that most listeners want in this style of music.

And with the second track Khymera it only got better.  This track not only kept things smooth and easy-flowing like the first track, but addition of middle-eastern instrument sounds infuse the piece with a life that is typically only found in music from artists like Banco de Gaia.  Changing up the texture and arrangements in similar ways to Time Of The Changes and even adding a straight percussion break make this a fun listening track while maintaining its dance-ability.

Entry starts off with a very open, almost spacey sound, then starts layering keyboard and a light percussion track before eventually adding a female vocal chant to the mix. ┬áWhile adding layers over the initial spacey sounds, the track maintains a nice, dance-able rhythm, while employing the key variations that I’ve noted on the previous tracks.

With┬áTime Of The Changes EP The Artful has done something that I really appreciate: they’ve taken what I consider to be a vastly stale and uninteresting style of music, and approached it in a way that makes it both listen-able and dance-able. ┬áAnd, more to the point, they’ve managed to build on the style in a way that it reaches across the boarders of its genre into other regions to explore new territory. ┬áAnd that, for me at least, makes it a highly rewarding listen.

The Artful Ft. Deep Lyrics: Time Of The Changes




Posted by George De Bruin