Title: Window Eye
Artist: PeerGynt Lobogris
Release Date: 2014 May 10
Genre: Instrumental Rock
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Label: Jamendo


PeerGynt Loborgis’ Window Eye is the most current release from the exceptionally gifted guitarist from C├│rdoba, Spain. ┬áI recently did a “retro” review of OutWorld III from 2010, but obviously a lot can change in four years, so how does Window Eye compare with his past works?

PeerGynt Lobogris’ Window Eye

The first thing worth noting about this release is it contains many of the signature hallmarks of other PeerGynt Lobogris releases. ┬áLots of hot guitar licks, lots of flamenco inspired runs, and a sense of melodic line that only PeerGynt (aka Pedro Aguilar Benavente)┬ácan bring to his recordings. ┬áThere’s also his mix of styles from new age to hard rock, with several hints and flavors of other styles (I already mentioned Spanish flamenco)┬áthroughout.

What has changed in this recording is the production and engineering skill brought to this release. ┬áAs the technology has progressed over the past four years, so has Pedro’s abilities to produce a recording that is more subtle in detail. ┬áThese recordings pop to life with more vibrant colors and texture than some of the earlier PeerGyn Lobogris works.

Over time Pedro has made gradual shifts in terms of his ability to take a theme and work with in different contexts.  On some of his early works, it felt as if he as beating some themes into submission: while the context would change, not a lot of the phrasing would change.  This work sees him making major steps in being able to take a theme, work with it in a different context, and come up with more variations, subtle flairs and different phrases.

While this release is not quite as diverse as some of his previous releases (like OutWorld III), Pedro has assembled a release that is very satisfying to listen to.  There is plenty of fire in his guitar, and the melodies just seem to be a natural extension of the musician.  This is defintiely an artist that is not only in control of his music, but is inspired by the world around him.  He is the channel for the music of the world around him.


Pedro Aguilar Benavente’s releases under PeerGynt Lobogris have┬ábeen exceptional works for the past seven years. ┬á And, even today he is still expanding his repertoire and musicality in many subtle ways. ┬áHis ability to channel the world around him into gorgeous melodies, and explore their dimensions through numerous contexts makes his work excellent listening.

PeerGynt Lobogris: Window Eye




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