Title: Relatos de Terodáctilo
Artist: Chientaroli Espinal Rave Vitale
Release Date: 2014 July 15
Genre: Free Jazz
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Label: Pan Y Rosas Discos


Stories of the Pterodactly (Relatos de Terodáctilo) are many and exist in many cultures.  In this case, Nicolás Chientaroli, Jorge Espinal, Ada Rave, and Luciano Vitale have joined their talents to bring us a release that is simultaneously enchanting and challenging.

Stories of the Pterodactyl (Relatos de Terodáctilo)

I have to admit, Buenos Aires is not the first place that I think of when I think about any form of Jazz.  In fact, it’s not even in my top ten, with all the countries throughout the EU and Asia that have made inroads into the jazz world.  And, of course, South America has such a rich and diverse cultural heritage of its’ own, that one would normally think of that first.

And yet, this is one of the finer free jazz releases I have heard in a long time.  All of the works on this release were completely improvised in Estudio Libres, and recorded by Sam Nacht.

Of course, this would not be possible without each member of this group being well-established musicians in their own right. Nicolás Chientaroli has recorded three releases with his own trio and led and performed with several other groups.  Jorge Espinal has a deep involvement with free improvisation and experimental music scenes in Bueno Aires.  He has been on at least three releases on other labels.  Ada Rave is a music professor who has organized both weekly and monthly free improvisation music series.  She’s appeared on numerous recordings, including Anders Elstein’s La Caja (on Pan y Rosas, with Nicolás Chientaroli). Luciano Vitale is possibly the most mysterious member of the group as Pan y Rosas states he is a “multi instrumentalist string mangler”, and a search of YouTube shows he has a number of covers of pop songs. (Correction: the YouTube Luciano Vitale is not the same person as the Luciano Vitale on this recording.)

Across the five pieces in this release, we are given the opportunity to hear a group that has mastered the all-important art of listening.  They have a way of being able to work with each other that is enthralling.  They weave sounds around each other, know instinctively when to add a texture or a different color or a counterpoint to the proceedings.

The pieces have this feeling of focus which can often be lost when improvising.  They communicate their intentions, and have an understanding of how they want to make the piece sound.  This is the work of artists with a purpose, and yet they can allow each other to explore the inner-workings of the piece.


This is a very fine free jazz improvisation recording.  The artistry is purely due to the dedication that these musicians have brought to this craft.  I will no longer be able to not think of Buenos Aires when I think about Jazz music, especially free jazz and improvisation now. This recording has marked a place in my mind that few recordings do.  These are some stories of the Pterodactyl I will not forget for some time.

Chientaroli Espinal Rave Vitale: Relatos de Terodáctilo




Posted by George De Bruin