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Stories of the Pterodactyl

Chientaroli Espinal Rave Vitale: Relatos de Terodáctilo

Stories of the Pterodactly (Relatos de Terodáctilo) exist in many cultures. Chientaroli, Espinal, Rave, and Vitale bring us a release that is enchanting and challenging.

Magic Power Play In The Sticks

Stick Men: Power Play

There’s a magic power play in the sticks. Tony Levin and Markus Reuter playing unique instruments, with Pat Mastelotto on percussion is an experience

Inspired Vocal Improv Challenge

Serhio Efremis & Elli Q: Vocalises

This is an inspired vocal improv challenge on Vocalises: electronic compositions interwoven with vocal improvisations in a widely varied sonic excursion.

Please Pray For Brain

Pray For Brain: None Of The Above

This is no zombie joke. This release makes me want to Pray for Brain. After hearing it, I think you will too…so, please Pray for Brain.

Soni Sfardati - Saqiya

Soni Sfardati: Saqiya

This is not my first journey into recordings that have mixed cultural origins. Unfortunately, many force cultural references to fit into western music molds. However I prefer the opposite: when western cultural influences are hammered into forms to fit within other cultures, or even completely re-invented to fit them.

Andres Elstein's La Caja

Andres Elstein: La Caja

So I am probably not the first person to say this, but: I am really happy for Andres Elstein’s La Caja. I’ve missed this style of jazz!