Title: Oort Cloud
Artist: Phobium
Release Date: 2013 Sept 7
Genre: Ambient / Downtempo / Deep Trance
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Label: Ektoplazm / Omnitropic

This is a real throw back to the early days of electronic music for me.  Something of a cross between Tangerine Dream, and Transfer Station Blue.  It’s the ’70s synth vibe all over again, applied with exceptional attention to detail and glorious production and engineering.

Phobium has created a recording that is programmatic in structure: the ascent through the cloud that surrounds our galaxy, the Oort Cloud. And it is a well structured audio journey. We get the view of the cloud from a distance, moving through, and seeing sol.  You could consider this to be a single composition broken into six movements.  I believe the artist intended this piece to be listened to as a single work instead of as a set of individual works.

It’s such a cinematic vision of a journey into space that I want to actually have the visions to go with it. This would make an incredible soundtrack to a short film about the journey into space.

Get a set of headphones and immerse yourself into the sonic visions that Phobium has set out on this recording.  You will be greatly rewarded.  There really aren’t any other words needed to describe this release. It’s a wonderful throwback, and just simply a beautiful recording.  This is a rare instance where I offer a 10 rating, this recording is deserving in every way possible.

[Note: Another confusing situation…  Ektoplazm makes this release available for Free / Donation, while Phobium has it as Name Your Price. Your choice of supporting the artist directly, or through Ektoplazm.]

Phobium: Oort Cloud

Free / Donation / Name Your Price



Posted by George De Bruin