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The Madness That Lurks Within

Scott Lawlor & Rebekkah Hilgraves: The Madness That Lurks Within

I’ve been given an early Halloween present this year in the form of The Madness That Lurks Within, an audio interpretation of The Russian Sleep Experiment.

Cover: Phobium - Oort Cloud

Phobium: Oort Cloud

This is a rare instance where I offer a 10 rating, this recording is deserving in every way possible.

Cover: Undogmatic - Undogmatism

Undogmatic: Undogmatism

Trying to answer the question: What The Fuck Happened to Hip-Hop?

Cover: Stewart & Scarfe - Outer Circular

Stewart & Scarfe: Outer Circular

Lyndon Scarfe transforms Liam Stewart’s 90’s-style pop songs in a way that gives them new meaning and feeling.

Front Cover: Vlisa - Diary of Lonely Girl

Vlisa: Diary Of Lonely Girl

This is another release from Vlisa that I cannot recommend highly enough for the vision and artistic value.