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IIII/IIII Explorer

IIII/IIII: Explorer

IIII/IIII Explorer isn’t exactly a shining piece of work: it’s simple, somewhat nondescript and rather plain. And yet I like it for those reasons.

Brad Sucks: Out Of It

Brad Sucks: Out Of It

Choosing to do a throwback review of Brad Sucks: Out Of It wasn’t an easy choice. Brad was an easy choice because of his support of CC, but which release?

Voicetronics by Yan Terrien

Yan Terrien: Voicetronics

Voicetronics by Yan Terrien is a challenging work voical settings, and an extremely listenable work that you won’t be able to tear your ears away from.

Bratenschneider's The Edge EP

Bratenschneider: The Edge EP

Bratenschneider’s The Edge EP sounded like a good idea to me: minimal techno music with a fusion of psychedelic style. Sign me up, right? Right?

Triplexity - Between Light And Shadow

Triplexity: Between Light And Shadow

Triplexity is a band that formed on Jamendo. Their unique sounds and ideas quickly grabbed my attention when I first heard the track “Al Gore”.

Amplitude by Mark Meino

Mark Meino: Amplitude

Amplitude by Mark Meino surprised and possibly changed my expectations for techno music. And that is not an easy accomplishment.