Title: Between Light And Shadow
Artist: Triplexity
Release Date: 2007 Dec 31
Genre: Nu Jazz / World / IDM
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Label: Jamendo / Self-Release


I can’t take credit for finding this release.  I clearly remember the first time I heard the track “Al Gore”.  It was played on one of the early Rathole Radio shows by Dan Lynch based on a recommendation from one of his regular listeners: Amy Husse.

Triplexity: Between Light And Shadow

It seems remarkable to me today that I actually remember first hearing that track.  Mostly because it wasn’t really a jazz track as Dan and others represented it.  It really is an IDM track, but it does hit the right ideas with me in terms of understanding climate change, and using Gore’s voice quoting Mark Twain drive the point home.

Checking out the rest of the release proved that this was a really formidable group of musicians that had gathered on the Net to record music that really stands up, even seven years later as a great release.  Fusing classic bebop of John Coltrane, and world influences of groups like Oregon, this was a release that really hit me pretty hard.

Some background about Triplexity: they are literally a “virtual” group.  Three musicians that found each other on Jamendo and started trading comments on each other’s releases, then started trading tracks.  You can read about their background on Jamendo’s Blog (via The WayBack Machine).

Overall, there isn’t a weak track on this release.  In fact, I tend to like to listen to it from start to finish without interruption (it’s an even better experience with headphones).  However, there are some tracks that stand out on this release:

Three 4 Ten – a world fusion tune in 10/8 which is quite a departure from most of the electronic music I had been hearing online.

A Love Supreme – a club-style setting of the John Coltrane masterpiece.  This is an amazing homage to the master, and a great setting to bring this piece in current style.

Honky Fonky – straight up funk and an all-around fun piece to listen to (I frequently listen to it two or three times in a row, it’s that much fun).

Lucky Number Seven – another world infused piece, this time in 7.

And finally: Dream – a more ambient daydream type work that is just relaxing.


This is one of those releases that I come back to quite often.  It’s one of the releases that expanded my horizon and expectations for what was happening with the Internet and Creative Commons licensing of music.  If you like jazz, world music, or any permutations thereof, definitely give this release a listen.

Triplexity: Between Light And Shadow

Free / Commercial License



Posted by George De Bruin