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Weldroid: Elektronvolt

Weldroid: Elektronvolt

Weldroid: Elektronvolt see’s the return of the droid, but it seems someone has been tinkering with his circuitry a bit and overhauled his body a bit.

Duelling Ants: Fauna

Duelling Ants: Fauna

Duelling Ants: Fauna is one of the releases that I discovered months ago working on the Netlabel Profiles project, and it’s still in my playlist.

Joe Frawley: The Night Parade

Joe Frawley: The Night Parade

Joe Frawley: The Night Parade is the second release from Joe this year, and it is a bit of a departure from his last few works.

Sound Interpretation: Paris

Various: Sound Interpretation: Paris

Sound Interpretation: Paris – a funny thing happened when I started to write the review of this release, I found out I had heard less than half of it.

Jurica Jelic - Fragments

Jurica Jelic: Fragments

Jurica Jelic – Fragments is one of the most surprising recordings I’ve encountered in the last five or six months. Seriously: check out this review.

Kaoson Kaj Kontrolo

Various: Kaoson Kaj Kontrolo

Kaoson Kaj Kontrolo from Breathe Compilations is an excellent work. Twelve tracks of electronic music spanning ambient, IDM, pop and other genres.