Title: The World In A Drop of Rain
Artist: Shamanizm Parallelii
Release Date: 2014 Aug 31
Genre: Downtempo / PsyDub
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Label: Ektoplazm / Neogoa


The duo of¬†Paul Yashan (guitars, lyrics, and vocals) and Arkadiy Tronets (electronic instruments, mixing, and mastering) spent the last two years developing a new style of Downtempo infused Dub elements, organic textures, experimental twists¬†and a crystal clear production. ¬†Now it’s time to hear the world In a drop of Shamanizm Parallelii.

The World In A Drop of Shamanizm Parallelii

I think the first thing that struck me about this release was the psychedelic treatment given to a toy piano during the opening of the release. ¬†It took me straight back into the 1960’s psychedelic music that I love. ¬†But, it quickly that piano gives way to a grooving 130BPM track that had me totally enchanted.

And that experience is a good encapsulation of my overall experience¬†with this release: lots of beats (ranging from 92bpm to nearly 150bpm), with lots of dub and all sorts of twists and turns that kept my ears pinned to me speakers. ¬†For example, the piano of the opening gives way to the beat, but it doesn’t go away – little phrases from it are interlaced into the rhythm of the piece.


This is one of those releases that I have the feeling people will ¬†fall in love with quickly. ¬†It has all the elements of a good downtempo or PsyDub release, but there is enough that is different and quirky that make it new and fresh. ¬†It’s the kind of thing that makes me excited for the prospects of electronica. ¬†I’ve talked a couple of times about finding that most electronica, especially downtempo, was seeming to get stale. ¬†This is not one of those releases.

The world In a drop of Shamanizm Parallelii is a pretty nice place to live.

Shamanizm Parallelii: The World In A Drop of Rain

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Posted by George De Bruin