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Downtempo Isostasy

MEDL4: Isostasy

This downtempo Isostasy is an interesting work that tries to achieve and organic balance that is difficult to concieve, much less pull off.

The World In A Drop of Shamanizm Parallelii

Shamanizm Parallelii: The World In A Drop of Rain

The duo of Paul Yashan and Arkadiy Tronets spent the last two years developing a new style of Downtempo infused Dub elements, organic textures, experimental twists and a crystal clear production. Now it’s time to hear the world In a drop of Shamanizm Parallelii.

Small Collin Goes Mono (Box)

Small Colin: Mono Box

On Mono Box, Colin has gone a completely different direction. This time, instead of using a production technique to enhance and modify the sound of the music he has keyed the work around a monophonic synthesizer.

Front Cover: Vlisa - Diary of Lonely Girl

Vlisa: Diary Of Lonely Girl

This is another release from Vlisa that I cannot recommend highly enough for the vision and artistic value.