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Standing On The Edge: Cousin Silas Interview

Cousin Silas Interview: Standing On The Edge

This Cousin Silas interview was conducted as part of the run-up to the release of Sounds of Silas, and to promote the Mac Millan Cancer Trust fundraiser.

PeerGynt Lobogris' Window Eye

PeerGynt Lobogris: Window Eye

PeerGynt Loborgis’ Window Eye is the most current release from the exceptionally gifted guitarist from Córdoba, Spain. I recently did a “retro” review of OutWorld III from 2010, but obviously a lot can change in four years, so how does Window Eye compare with his past works?

Porki and Alvarado Explore Halla

Ari Porki & Christopher Alvarado: Halla

For their second release, Porki and Alvarado explore Halla, and this time they are bringing a boat-load of guests along with them: Jack Hertz, Cousin Silas, Stephen Briggs, Eyes Cast Down, and Void of Realms. It’s a mystical, expansive exploration that takes the listener through many dimensions. Join me on the journey.

In Stephen Briggs Morning Mists

Stephen Briggs: Nebbie Mattutine

If you are confused by the article title: In Stephen Briggs Morning Mists, there is a simple explanation. ‘Nebbie Mattutine’ is Italian for Morning Mists.

Observe PeerGynt Lobogris OutWorlds (Retro Review)

PeerGynt Lobogris: OutWorld III

When you observe PeerGynt Lobogris OutWorlds you might find yourself on an unexpected journey.