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Discover The Aural Vessels

Rui P. Andrade: Vessels

When you discover the aural vessels of Rui Andrade you might find the beauty in noise you never considered to have any characteristics before.

The Royal Treatment of VYVCH

VYVCH: The Royal Treatment

Getting the royal treatment of VYVCH in my ears seems to be continuing a trend that I’ve been on lately: listening to Russian electronic music.

Never Rush Expectations

SCD: Expectation

Could this be the third release that I really like from MNMN, or has their luck run out? Well, the only thing I can say is: never rush expectations.

P.V. Herrera: A Very Serious Knock Knock Joke

A very serious knock knock joke is no April fool’s prank. Especially since it was released back in February. But, in a way it feels like a joke that is backfiring.

Tunnel Rat: The Solipsist EP

Tunnel Rat’s Solipsist EP pays homage to the great beatnik poets of the ’50s and ’60s.

Jihel: Le Poubelloïde (Updated)

[Ed. Note: Review retracted: the artist has removed the Creative Commons license from this release. This is an automatic retraction with a rating of 0.]