Title: OutWorld III
Artist: PeerGynt Lobogris
Release Date: 2010 Apr 20
Genre:  Instrumental Rock / Chillout / Newage
License:  CC BY-NC-SA
Label: Jamendo


When you observe PeerGynt Lobogris OutWorlds you might find yourself on an unexpected journey. ¬†PeerGynt is the kind of artist that can transport you from the deep jungle, to the¬†Pyrenees mountains, to another planet in the space of single release. ¬†It’s his ability to bridge many styles (New Age, Rock, Chillout, Flamenco, and more) that has made him one of the top artists on Jamendo.

Observe PeerGynt Lobogris OutWorld III

Pedro Aguilar Benavente hails from Cordoba, Spain.  He has released music under the name PeerGynt Lobogris since 2007 on Jamendo.  He has nearly 60 releases under PeerGynt Lobogris, and several more under other pseudonyms / project names.

OutWorld III is the third (and final?) release in the OutWorld series, which he¬†recorded and released between 2007 and 2010. ¬†This release is¬†a good place to start to get a feeling for¬†Pedro’s music, as he tends to range pretty widely.

The opening track on this release ‘A Drop In the Universe’ starts us off with a fairly chilled, laid back piece of electronic music. ¬†It is full of the wonder of the universe reminiscent laying out in the middle of a field, staring up at the stars wondering if we’ll ever find life out there beyond this planet. ¬†When the guitar enters, at first semi-acoustic with an almost flamenco feel, and then later straight up electric, the feeling of exploration and wonder deepens.

The fifth track, ‘Souvenirs Parisiens V2’ is a complete change of direction. ¬†This is more like taking a day and¬†wandering around Paris, having a coffee at an outdoor caf√©. ¬†The relaxed lief of a tourist. Then there are pieces like ‘If You Ever Turn Off The Moon’ and ‘Studio No 8 for Guitar and Piano’ which are much more in a classical music style.

And, we can’t forget about the fiery heavy rock style of tracks like ‘Devil’s Temptation’ and ‘Under The Moon’, which might sound a bit tame at first, but definitely confirm Pedro’s ability to rock hard with many of the best guitarists out there, not just artists in the Creative Commons.

And this is only six of the fourteen tracks on this release.  There is a lot more to explore, which I leave up to you.


PeerGynt Lobogris is the primary project name for Pedro Aguilar Benavente from Cordoba, Spain.  He is an exceptionally gifted musician who explores a wide variety of styles in his music.  OutWorld III is a good showcase for the range of styles he works in.  If you find this work appealing, I highly recommend checking out some of the other 60 PeerGynt Lobogris release, especially the Best Of series, which provides a year-by-year overview of his immense body of work.

PeerGynt Lobogris: OutWorld III

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Posted by George De Bruin