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Front Cover: Vlisa - Diary of Lonely Girl

Vlisa: Diary Of Lonely Girl

This is another release from Vlisa that I cannot recommend highly enough for the vision and artistic value.

Gumbel: Huracanado EP

Gumbel: Huracanado EP

Best way to summarize this release: difficult to listen to because it is a mixed bag.

Cover: Candlegravity - Junpei`

Candlegravity: Junpei

Junpei is based on the story of one student under Sean Crownover’s tutlage in Japan. It’s a heart-rending story told through deeply engaging and personal music.

Giuliano Rodrigues: Future Lounge

Giuliano Rodrigues: Future Lounge

I was approached to review a Dub Techno recording…something that is definitely out of my wheel house… Read on to find out how it went.

Cover: Tardiss - Thisistar

Tardiss: Thisistar

Released: March 2013 Genre: Downtempo | Trip Hop Artist Country: USA Label: No-Source Catalog Number: NS066 License: CC BY-NC I can’t recall when I first heard of Tardiss. I do remember thinking that it must be Doctor Who related, even with […]

Cover: Amygdala - Pillars of Creation

Amygdala: Pillars of Creation

Amygdala is László Néder, and electronic musician from Hungary. Pillars of Creation was given the honored slot of the 200th release in the BFWrecordings catalog. Find out why in this review.