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He Really Did His Homework

Antistase & Music AutOmatik: I Did My HomeWorks N°1

Sometimes a work is exceptional enough to be treated as a special case. Well, Antistase is one such special case because he really did his homework.

Schlang's Information Deposits

Schlang: Little Information Deposits

Schlang’s information deposits has been described as “…knitting time into a sweater and lighting it on fire” which isn’t far from the truth.

Foof Yourself, Vol. 1

Foof Yourself: Vol. 1

Foof Records is a new label on the scene, and it may seem a bit strange that after only six months of formally releasing recordings they have decided to release a compilation. However, this decision was a really good one as it really is a showcase for what they have managed to accomplish in a very short period of time.

MNMN Snowy Compilation

Various: Snowy Compilation

I’ve recently discovered MNMN records. And for a first review, I’ve selected Various – Snowy Compilation, a large winter / seasonal themed compilation.

Cover: Kurbeats - Foltronica

Kurbeats: Folktronica

This is one of the most impressive releases I’ve heard in years. Yes, even with some really impressive releases I’ve listened to this year, this one is way up there.

Leggysalad: Shards of Memory

Leggysalad: Shards of Memory

Leggysalad’s Shards of Memory manages to make me set aside many things that I don’t like in some styles of electronica.