Title: Snowy Compilation
Artist: Various Artists
Release Date: 2013 Dec 30
Genre: Pop / Chill / Trip-Hop / Hip-Hop / Post-Rock
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Label: MNMN Records Netlabel

In my travels around the net, I occasionally bump into things that I wasn’t expecting.  This is one of those discoveries: MNMN Records Netlabel.  The best part about this?  I can’t even recall how I discovered this label.  I suspect it was after I started an account on vk.com out of curiosity when I’d read several stories about them having issues with the recording industry.  (Not to mention my curiosity about several other Russian Netlabels that I had run into, and was curious to find out if they had a social presence on network.)

But, no matter how I found it, I am certainly glad that I found this label and this compilation.

This release contains a wonderful winter mix of pop, electronica, post-rock, hip-hop, trip-hop, and a whole host of related sub-genres.  The more I spin through the massive 35 tracks in this release, the more I am in awe at the range of material, and the quality of the performances.  And, while it isn’t specifically a holiday release, it even includes one or two Christmas tracks that are sure stunners on first listening.  For example ‘Horse Bells’ is an extremely unique take on Jingle Bells unlike any recording I’ve heard before.

When I think Russian pop-rock music (especially Creative Commons releases) I tend to think of Voland and Biting Elbows.  Not that there aren’t others out there (especially on Jamendo, or Netlabels like Otium and Sonux), but I just haven’t really gone out there seeking music from specific regions of the world.  I tend to just happen across things from different locations and listen to it.

If you are like me, and tend to stick to music from known sources (be them sites or labels) that you think are safe, then it will be a delight to hear this release.  This is one of those releases that will change your mind on not going out and doing a bit more exploring. It makes me think I should try to get “out of the box” a bit more often than I have lately.

Definitely MNMN is a site I will be spending more time at, looking for more releases.  If their normal releases are even half of what this release is, I will be spending a fair amount of time becoming a lot more familiar with Russian netlabel music.

Various: Snowy Compilation




Posted by George De Bruin