Title: Tranzmitter Research (Volume 3)
Artist: Various
Release Date: 19 April 2014
Genre: Electronic
License: CC BY
Label: Tranzmitter Netlabel


Tranzmizzion intercepted from Brazil based netlabel Tranzmitter.  Tranzmitter was created in 2007:

from the idea of publishing electronic music producers and graphic artists (Designers & Cartoonists) with the purpose of promoting in Brazil and other countries, under license of Creative Commons in Brazil.

And publish they have: 58 releases, podcasts, compilations, singles, EP’s, and more. ¬†This latest compilation shows that they are still moving forward on their mission with a wide range of electronic music.

Tranzmizzion Intercepted From Brazil

Tranzmitter started¬†a couple of years after I became interested in the netlabel scene. ¬†I know I have encountered some of their work over the past seven years, but hadn’t taken the time to really focus on what they are doing.That changed when I downloaded Tranzmitter Research Volume 3.

The first thing that I found impressive about Tranzmitter is their dedication to higher-end audio quality. ¬†Instead of just releasing OggVorbis and / or MP3 files they actually release wav files for all the tracks in their releases. ¬†That makes them one of the few labels to directly support all the major audio codecs: OggVorbis, MP3, flac, and wav. ¬†And, if there are codecs that¬†they don’t release directly (such as opus or speex) you can create them from a loss-less codec (wav or flac) and know that you will be able to create the best encoding possible.

As for the music on this release it’s about as wide a variety as you can imagine: ambient, downtempo, breakbeat, IDM, avant-garde, lounge, even a little glitch. With this wide variety of music, it’s impressive to hear how well it has been sequenced. ¬†The changes of style from track-to-track are handled well, they make sense, and are easy to listen to.

And, while a few tracks aren’t in my normal range of listening, I haven’t heard any tracks that I felt were bad. ¬†In fact, this is possibly one of the best electronic music compilations I’ve heard in¬†a long time. ¬†I will definitely be seeking out the original releases of quite a few of these tracks.


Tranzmitter has been around almost as long as I have been interested in the netlabel scene.  After seven years, they have amassed an impressive catalog of high-quality releases, and have taken things as step further by releasing loss-less encodings of their music.

On Tranzmitter Research Volume 3, they have compiled a massive seventeen tracks.  Every track (even ones that are outside of my normal range) are well produced, arranged and recorded lending a very consistent feel to the compilation.  The sequencing of the tracks is extremely well thought out to avoid distracting switches between styles.

Overall this release has made for a really nice change for me. ¬†It adds some depth to my collection, and has introduced me to quite a few artists that I wasn’t familiar with already. ¬†I know that I will be searching out more releases from Tranzmitter and many of the artists included in this release.

Various: Tranzmitter Research (Volume 3)

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Posted by George De Bruin