Title: Aires (Self Titled / Eponymous)
: Aires
Release Date: 11 February 2014
Genre: Ambient / Shoegaze / Noise
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Label: Enough Records / Bandcamp


It doesn’t have a beat, and you can’t dance to it, but that doesn’t make any difference in this case. ¬†The ambient machine Aires aren’t about producing dance-able or humm-able music as we know it. Aires is an ambient shoegaze project from Portugal, producing the sounds of the landscape around us: metallic and mechanized and hollow.

The Ambient Machine Aires

So, with so many ambient drone style projects available in netlabel-land, what separates this one from the others?

Each song on this four track release is dedicated to a different type of landscape. ¬†On ‘organico I / vozes sem corpo’ we are presented the disembodied, metallic voices of the a mechanized landscape. ¬†Not the pounding, rhythmic sounds of machines, but rather the after ringing of them. ¬†The sound that will transform the landscape for generations to come.

‘oranico II / monol√≠tico’ we are presented with a more organic rush of wind. ¬†It’s like being caught in a wind tunnel, or windy valley. ¬†Other¬†sounds swoop in and out, while the basic sound of the wind just keeps rushing by your ears.

‘isoceles’ is a simple piano track. ¬†A rather stunning break after two long, dark, experimental drone pieces. ¬†But is it supposed to be a welcome relief? ¬†Or is it supposed to be a jarring juxtaposition to what is the norm of this release? ¬†Either way it is the most melodic work¬†on this release.

‘contraplacado’ ¬†meaning either plywood or laminate. ¬†Layers and layers of sounds, pressed together. ¬†Shifting patterns of metallic noise over the top of each other. ¬†However, within each of the clusters of noise there is a clear tone, giving the feeling of a near melodic nature. ¬†Like a melody that have¬†been stretched¬†out and nearly lost in the noise.


I’m not quite certain why this would be considered shoegaze? ¬†It doesn’t fit the image I have of someone with a guitar slung over their body, hanging low, head bowed looking at their shoes. ¬†However, the remainder of the description seems pretty accurate: ambient, noise. drone, field recordings.

The first two pieces are complimentary to each other.  It is a two part composition, each part emphasizing a different element.  The third track introduces a new, melodic element to the vocabulary on Aires.  The payoff is in the fourth, and final track when the elements of the first three tracks are combined into a final, gorgeous composition.

Aires: Aires

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Posted by George De Bruin