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Of Sacred Numinous Transmissions

Mystified and Daniel Barbiero: Numinous Transmissions

I didn’t know what to expect when Mystified asked me to check Numinous Transmissions. The title left me thinking there was going to be an emphasis on the supernatural (based on the word numinous). However, when I checked the description of the release it included the statement: “Exploring sounds and ideas of the sacred…” which, to me at least, leaned more towards spirituality and religion. While the two concepts are not mutually exclusive, I generally don’t feel there is much overlap between them. So, just what is up with this recording of sacred numinous transmissions?

The Ambient Machine Aires

Aires: Aires (Self Titled / Eponymous)

Aires aren’t about producing dance-able or humm-able music as we know it. Aires is an ambient shoegaze project from Portugal, producing the sounds of the landscape around us: metallic and mechanized and hollow.

Cover: Misdreamt - Apophenia - or The Final Static That Can Never Be Removed

Misdreamt: Apophenia – or The Final Static That Can Never Be Removed

Apophenia is the desire of the mind to make connections between distinctly separate phenomena. Toby Chappel has chosen this playground of the mind to explore in his first Misdreamt release on BandCamp.