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matra of the Perry Ferya Band

Perry Ferya Band: Mantra

The mantra of the Perry Ferya Band is easily stated in one word: improvise. This group is an off-shoot of the Skala Collective — a group of artists that support each other in solo and group projects. Mantra is the third release from the group, and definitely takes a bit of a turn from previous releases.

Kate McCandless Speaks In Tongues

she speaks in tongues: gloria, GUITAR

Kate McCandless speaks in tongues of history, of feminism, of rock music, and of cultural appropriation. And she does all this while performing in a burlap sack. Wait, what? Why a burlap sack? Well, I will try to cover this, and a complex range of topics in the rest of this review.

PeerGynt Lobogris' Window Eye

PeerGynt Lobogris: Window Eye

PeerGynt Loborgis’ Window Eye is the most current release from the exceptionally gifted guitarist from Córdoba, Spain. I recently did a “retro” review of OutWorld III from 2010, but obviously a lot can change in four years, so how does Window Eye compare with his past works?

The Kid Still Goes On

Big Shoals: Still Go On

Hailing from Gainesville, Florida, Big Shoals is a three piece band producing music that is frequently referred to as “roots rock” with a healthy dose of Americana and country twang. On their first release we get a healthy dose of how this music has evolved since it was originally known as country rock back in the 70’s and 80’s — when it was a young style. Let’s see how the kid still goes on with Big Shoals.

Observe PeerGynt Lobogris OutWorlds (Retro Review)

PeerGynt Lobogris: OutWorld III

When you observe PeerGynt Lobogris OutWorlds you might find yourself on an unexpected journey.

The Fervent Jenn Kelly

Jenn Kelly: Fervent

The fervent Jenn Kelly is a traveler. She arranges shows as she travels. Her first CC release showcases the directness and passion in her music.