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MNMN Snowy Compilation

Various: Snowy Compilation

I’ve recently discovered MNMN records. And for a first review, I’ve selected Various – Snowy Compilation, a large winter / seasonal themed compilation.

Cover: The Womb - XX

The Womb: XX

Note: This review has been retract following the retraction of the release from blocSonic. The release is still available as a self-release, however it is no longer under a Creative Commons license.

Cover: Fucksia - Il Piccolo Cinema Di Beseno

Fucksia: Il Piccolo Cinema Di Beseno

Fucksia writes panoramic, melodic glitch-pop for small environments. Perfect for headphones and late-night listening.

Cover: Cuckoo Spit - Salmon Custard

Cuckoo Spit: Salmon Custard

Cuckoo Spit is a new act following in the footsteps of others that have done electro-acoustic vocal manipulations. Their twisted bubble-gum first release is interesting and fun.

Cover: Stewart & Scarfe - Outer Circular

Stewart & Scarfe: Outer Circular

Lyndon Scarfe transforms Liam Stewart’s 90’s-style pop songs in a way that gives them new meaning and feeling.

Azoora: A Thousand Ways EP

Azoora: A Thousand Ways EP

A Thousand Ways is the mirror image to The Big Bang. The proverbial two sides to the same coin.