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Freedom Of Choice - Mastermind XS Review

Mastermind XS: Freedom Of Choice

Mastermind XS has the Freedom Of Choice and skill to decide where they want to go with their music. But is that freedom always for the best?

Behind Gate Number One

TNKS: Gate One

Behind gate number one we have a release that defied my understanding of Sucu Music.

Impressions On Longues Plages

Matthew Tyas: Longues Plages #1

So, I’ve somehow fallen behind a bit with Matthew Tyas’s work. He has another release that came out this month which I haven’t acquired yet. This will soon be rectified, however, as his impressions on Longues Plages is a work that makes me want to have more of his releases in my collection.

Ergo Phizmiz Spells Trouble

Ergo Phizmiz Spells Trouble

This release might have the most accurate title ever: Ergo Phizmiz Spells Trouble — but is it good or bad trouble? Read this article and find out!

10 Netlabels To Follow

10 Netlabels To Follow

With 100’s or 1000’s of netlabels out there, how many labels can you follow? Well, here’s a start with my first 10 netlabels to follow.