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Jonathan Mann's Not A Shy Guy

Jonathan Mann: I’m Not A Shy Guy [nerd mixtape]

Jonathan Mann’s Not A Shy Guy – and this mix of nerdy memes and pop-culture referencing songs will entertain a broad audience of today’s generation.

The Sharp Things: Adventurer's Inn

The Sharp Things: Adventurer’s Inn

The Sharp Things: Adventurer’s Inn continues my long time love of pop music with their take on the ‘chamber pop’ style.


Seasonable Project: Per Aspera Ad Astra

There are some wonderful recordings on the O2 label that deserve exposure on The CerebralRift, such as Seasonable Project – Per Aspera Ad Astra.

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10 Excellent Independent Labels

In July I published 10 Netlabels To Follow the first guide to alternative labels for the music that saturates our lives. The idea was to expose different labels and bring some attention to the people making music available that challenges our listening habits. So, here is the next list of 10 excellent independent labels.

Some Folk Can

Ergo Phizmiz: Some Folk Can

Ergo Phizmiz is no stranger here on The CerebralRift. This will be the ninth article I’ve dedicated to writing about his musical flights of fancy. On Some Folks Can Ergo continues his exploration of electro-mechanical pop music as only he can.

Psycho by Plusplus - Review

Plusplus: Psycho

Psycho by Plusplus is the third part of the “Evils Trilogy” which started back in 2008. Plusplus has produced an excellent earthy, grounded release.