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Jovem Palerosi's Mouseen

Jovem Palerosi: Mouseen

Occasionally a release comes along that just strikes me as a fresh take sounds that I have been familiar with for decades. Such is the case with Jovem Palerosi’s Mouseen.

The Opaeq Lunarblues Haarp

Lunarblues: Haarp

Listening to Haarp was almost like déjà vu. As I found out, the Opaeq Lunarblues Haarp contained a secret surprise for me, making this a special release.

Mystified: Zombie Cowboy

I think I now have a new goal in life: attempt to collect all of Mystified’s releases. Of course, I would probably never get to listen to them all, but just being an archivist for his complete discography would be an amazing feat.

Cover Avoidant - Sonigbook Sines

Avoidant: Songbook Sines

Title: Songbook Sines Artist: Avoidant Release Date: 13 October 2013 Genre: Ambient / Minimal License: CC BY-NC-ND Label: Etched Traumas Another release that is pointed to the bottom of the dynamic recording range.  Only, there is […]

Cover: Empiric - Origami

Empiric: Origami

These pieces fall into the old adage: a picture is worth a thousand words. Here we have a collection of twelve pictures and I could write several thousand words about each of them.

Cover: The Basic Income Earth Network: The Art Of Boredom I

The Basic Income Earth Network: The Art of Boredom I

The Basic Income Earth Network is a group with fascinating ideals, and equally fascinating music that is worth listening to.