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Us As Effigies Nodula

Us As Effigies: Nodula

Us As Effigies Nodula is one of the best ambient / drone works I have heard in a long time. This is due to the live performance element of this release.

Chris Zabriskie Goes Direct To Video

Chris Zabriskie: Direct To Video

Chris Zabriskie goes Direct To Video on his tenth release Chris has been releasing his works for five years under re-use and remix friendly CC licenses.

A Pocketful of Changes Found on the Table

The Ambiguity: A Pocketful of Changes Found on the Table

A Pocketful of Changes Found on the Table comes to us by way of Iowa City, Iowa artist The Ambiguity. This may be the first Iowa ambient I’ve heard.

Little Histories Of Cloudkicker

Cloudkicker: Little Histories

By the time I realized Subsume was out it was too late to review. Fortunately, the Little Histories of Cloudkicker is on my radar soon enough.

Circle Of Squares - Review

Circle Of Squares: Circle Of Squares

My recent excursion of Fwonk*’s BandCamp site turned up Circle of Squares. As usual I didn’t know what to expect – with Fwonk* anything is possible.

Sound of Silas: Hello Darkness?

Cousin Silas: Sound of Silas

If you aren’t already familiar with the work of Cousin Silas, then Sound of Silas is definitely the work you want to start with.