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Pk Jazz Collective's Red-headed Woman

Pk Jazz Collective: Red-headed Woman

Pk Jazz Collective’s Red-headed Woman is the tenth release on Southern City’s Lab. It is supposed to mark a return to rock music after experiments with psychedelics, jazz rock and several other styles of music.

Jovem Palerosi's Mouseen

Jovem Palerosi: Mouseen

Occasionally a release comes along that just strikes me as a fresh take sounds that I have been familiar with for decades. Such is the case with Jovem Palerosi’s Mouseen.

Vintage Beats Needs Help

Vintage Beats: Cannabinoise

Vintage Beats needs help: Jeremy Wood presents twenty downtempo tracks that whiz by in fifty-three minutes. Are you likely to get a case of whip-lash?

Small Collin Goes Mono (Box)

Small Colin: Mono Box

On Mono Box, Colin has gone a completely different direction. This time, instead of using a production technique to enhance and modify the sound of the music he has keyed the work around a monophonic synthesizer.

Cover: Rotten Lily - Blame

Rotten Lilly: Blame! & Servo…(Single)

Rotten Lily is like no group I’ve heard before. Complex compositions, well performed and recorded. Post-rock / Lo-Fi without attitude and lots and lots of skill and talent oozing from every note.

lonesome panda society: Ending and beginning

Lonesome Panda Society: Ending and Beginning

This is the type of release that reminds me of what I like about lo-fi recordings.