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Martin Rach: Late Autumn Quartets

Martin Rach: Late Autumn Quartets

Martin Rach’s self-released Late Autumn Quartets is a companion release to his Early Autumn Quartets which expands on his sound craft.

Onde Pussiere: Silent Rain

Onde Poussière: Silent Rain

Kecap Tuyul and Doedelzak were introduced during XtetX in 2015. Later that year the two recorded two sessions, the results of which were released as Silent Rain.

Cousin Silas: Twang!

Cousin Silas: Twang One

I mentioned previously that Cousin Silas Twang was waiting in my review queue. Let’s go on a “busman’s holiday” for the ambient guitar master.

Obasquiat Goes Back To The Sender

Obasquiat: Back To The Sender

Obasquiat goes back to the sender to explore the roots of atonality and free jazz while keeping some elements of Brazilian percusion in the mix.

King Imagine & Pankifared - Episodes

King Imagine & Pankifared: Episodes (Concerto for Two Pianos and String Quartet)

After talking on the Internet, Alexander Kohanovsky and Alexei Mikryukov began a collaboration that resulted in: King Imagine & Pankifared – Episodes.

Three Days of Sejectiøn Improv

Sejectiøn: Imp

What happens when you take three musicians, three guitars, some drum loops and pads, and just let them play? Answer: you get three days of Sejectiøn improv.