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Can your mind and ears unite?

Collettivo Androgino: When Ears And Mind Unite

Can your ears and mind unite? Colletivo Androgino thinks they can, and they have tried to document exactly that in this collection of recordings.

Andres Elstein's La Caja

Andres Elstein: La Caja

So I am probably not the first person to say this, but: I am really happy for Andres Elstein’s La Caja. I’ve missed this style of jazz!

ce françois couture's derrière

ce François Couture: Derrière

I am convinced that Keith from Pan Y Rosas Discos thinks I am a glutton for experimental and unusual recordings. Well, he’s right, but how did he know? 🙂 When I saw this submission I tried to maintain a healthy skepticism, then I read the description and was intrigued.

Lucie Vítková: Ideas And Techniques

And then there are times I feel my inability to craft words to do justice to the contents of a work are a barrier. This release from Lucie Vitkova is one such occasion.

Bristophe: le fils de la prophetesse

Bristophe: le fils de la prophetesse

Two hours of atonal improvisation? Not easy listening, but rewarding.

Cover: Steve Hilmy & Dnaiel barbiero - take a sound.

Steve Hilmy & Daniel Barbiero: take a sound. do something to it. do something else to it.

Steve Hilmy & Daniel Barbiero present intriguing electroacoustic improvised works for Double Bass and Electronics.