Tag: IDM

Three Days of Sejectiøn Improv

Sejectiøn: Imp

What happens when you take three musicians, three guitars, some drum loops and pads, and just let them play? Answer: you get three days of Sejectiøn improv.

Inside The Electronic Feeling Machine

Aaron Jasinski: Electronic Feeling Machine

I ‘blame’ this release for cementing my love of indie musicians, netlabels, and CC Music. Let’s take a peek inside the electronic feeling machine.

The Opaeq Lunarblues Haarp

Lunarblues: Haarp

Listening to Haarp was almost like déjà vu. As I found out, the Opaeq Lunarblues Haarp contained a secret surprise for me, making this a special release.

Tunguska - Fits to a T

Various: T

This is my third Tunguska EMS review. Tunguska releases have incredible depth, range and diversity. Take this release as an example because it fits to a T.

Re;set That Synthformation

Re:set: Resynthformation

Given the dubstep, house and techno parts of this release it must be time for me to Re:set that synthformation in order to review it.

The Fingerprint of Graindeur

Fingerprint: Delusions Of Graindeur

This recording was conceived as part of a masters thesis on granular synthesis, as such, the fingerprint of graindeur is all over this EP.