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Pixelgypsy Goes Swan Diving

Pixelgypsy: Swan Diving

Pixelgypsy goes Swan Diving for his first new release since Almost Home in 2014. This release was born of college life and his move from Maine to Vermont.

Palsekam - Good Morning Althea

Palsekam: Good Morning Althea

Palsekam – Good Morning Althea is a release from last year that really needs to be talked about. A few rough edges for this review…getting back into it.

Dreams Caught by Lwpss

Lwpss: Dreams Caught

Dreams Caught by Lwpss is a new take on creating a series of theme and variations. The variations being produced by other artists remixing the tracks.

push against new fakes - Any Color You Can't See

push against new fakes: Any Color You Can’t See

push against new fakes – Any Color You Can’t See is the bold first statement by Michele Panf Mantovani from Italy as an independent artist.

Silicate Garden by Weldroid - Review

Weldroid: Silicate Garden

Silicate Garden is Weldroid’s tenth release, and possibly the final for Tam├ís Zsiros under the guise of this droid…

Interview: Weldroid Makes Robots Dance

Interview: Weldroid Makes Robots Dance

I know I have gushed over the way Weldroid makes robots dance before. I’ve mentioned that he was one of the artists that I discovered on the Kahvi Collective netlabel when I was first getting into Creative Commons music and netlabels. So, it’s no wonder that I am thrilled and honored to have been given the opportunity to do an interview with him.