Title: Any Color You Can’t See
Artist: push against new fakes
Release Date: 2014
Genre: IDM
License:  CC BY-NC-ND
Label: Phonocake


push against new fakes is the solo project of Michele Panf Mantovani from Italy.  He’s spent years learning music and production, and plays guitar in his electro-rock band Laik-Oh!  Any Color You Can’t See is his bold first statement as an independent artist.

push against new fakes: Any Color You Can’t See

It’s pretty often that I listen to a first release from an artist and think, “yeah, this is good, but there’s still a lot of room to grow”.  It seems that a lot of downtempo artists, however, that their first releases are often slick, well produced works.  However, when it comes down to electronic artists working outside of the sample and beats based genres there tends to be a lot more to be desired.

Then there’s Michele Panf Mantovani, the kind of artist that seems to arrive out of nowhere to compose, record and produce a release that is immediately engaging, accessible, and fresh. How much was I taken with this work?  Well, my first listen was just a few days ago, and as soon as I listened to the opening track ‘Is She Sad?’ I knew that it was going to be on the schedule for this week.

It was easy to hear that Mantovani has a way with building a composition, and using production techniques to enhance the structure of the pieces that really set him apart.  But he also has an ability to present a full range of color palette within his works, balancing the light and dark elements in a way that makes the listener want to get lost in his compositions.

The icing on the cake is the sometimes quirky, and crunchy rhythms he employs.  They make you want to dance to his work.  Even if you can’t dance, you want to dance to these pieces because the angular rhythms make you feel like you can dance to it.


The best way to sum up push against new fakes – Any Color You Can’t See isn’t with words.  It’s with a video.  Mantovani has produced a promotional video featuring the reactions of a bunch of random people listening to the first two tracks from this release.  The people range from young kids, to grown adults that appear to come from many different backgrounds. Seeing them smile and react to parts of the songs is the way to understand the effect of this music.  It’s better than any words I can write to try to sum it up, except for the fact that I had the same reaction: smiling, bobbing my head, and even dancing in my chair a bit.


push against new fakes: Any Color You Can't See




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