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Chasing Bronze Eye's Imperfect Past

Bronze Eye: Past Imperfect

When i was contacted by Bayshore Records to check out their most recent release it started me chasing Bronze Eye’s imperfect past.

Reflections In The Gemini Mirror

Gemini Tri: Mirror

Who would think to use a ukulele like a harp? Gemini Tri decided to, and it’s a real ear grabber of the reflections in the Gemini Mirror.

Weldroid Cures Light Wounds

Weldroid: Cure Light Wounds

I haven’t written about either Kahvi Collective or Weldroid before. But with Weldroid Cures Light Wounds, it is time to talk about both of them.

Mooval's Immersion

Mooval: By Immersion

Moovals immersion is something to experience. The Italian art collective is more than just the pair of producers that have made a wonderful recording here.

Cover: Alterphase - Severem Retrixia

Alterphase: Severem Retrixia

This Alterphase release is a real joy to listen to. I will probably never know all of the influences that went into the work — but the journey is the thing, reaching the destination is not.

Cover: Fucksia - Il Piccolo Cinema Di Beseno

Fucksia: Il Piccolo Cinema Di Beseno

Fucksia writes panoramic, melodic glitch-pop for small environments. Perfect for headphones and late-night listening.