Title: How To Operate Your Mind
Artist: Luxe Futura
Release Date: 2014 July 28
Genre: Psychedelic Ambient
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Label: cOmaRecOrdz


Luxe Futura tells you how to operate your mind, or rather, he explains how your mind operates according to the Eight Circuit Model of Dr. Timothy Leary.  Far from being a treatise solely on the affects of drugs on the mind and human nervous system, Leary’s work was an attempt to unify a number of interpretations the states of awareness.  Timothy Lee Alley (aka Luxe Futura) has researched this topic quite extensively before composing the work set before.  He went so far as to include an ebook with this release also titled ‘How To Operate Your Mind’.

Luxe Futura tells you How to Operate Your Mind

Dr. Timothy Leary is remembered mostly for his experiments with psychoactive drugs (LSD, Marijuana, psilocybe mexicana mushrooms, etc.) and his run ins with the law.  Most of his scientific theories have been widely disregarded by the scientific community for many decades.  Luxe Futura (Tim Alley) has taken it on himself to re-examine the works of Leary, and form his own opinion.  In the introduction to the eBook included with this release, he states:

I have written this book to present to you a new way to see your self, to share with you the knowledge that has helped me elevate my awareness and improve my overall health and happiness.  Knowledge is power, and when you learn how the brain itself functions and responds, it allows you to take a greater level of control over your life and your future.

The idea that someone might seem to be a supporter of a set of theories that have not been in favor with the scientific community for at least four decades might seem a bit strange.  If anything it might seem to be akin to a person that finds a new belief system, and believes that he has been saved.  The fact is that the work of Dr. Leary has not been re-examined in the context of current scientific methods or technology.  It could be that there is something to his work, just as there is medicinal uses for Marijuana with higher concentrations of CBD (Cannabis indica varieties).  This is a debate that could go on for hundreds of pages without being able to clearly settle anything without current research.

Luxe Futura, however, through the readings that he has done believes there is more to Dr. Leary’s work than it has been given credit for.  To this end he has written a series of ambient psychedelic compositions that reference several portions of the Eight Circuit Model, and directly or indirectly quote Leary’s writings.

Even if you don’t subscribe to the theories of Dr. Leary, this is a fun listen.  For those who grew up on music of the 1960’s and 1970’s it is the passing of history to another generation.  And, this generation has it’s  own perspective and interpretation on it.  That alone makes this release worth listening to.


Dr. Timothy Leary’s work has long been disregarded by modern science, so it is difficult to say if there is any merit to it without studies conducted using current technology and scientific methods.  However, in re-examining Dr. Leary’s writings, Timothy Allen has found much that he feels applies to our lives, and has adopted the Eight Circuit Model within his life.  This work presents a series of interpretations of some of they key points of Dr. Leary’s works.  Whether you agree with Dr. Leary’s works or not, this is a fascinating work to listen to, and an interesting eBook to read.

Luxe Futura: How to Operate Your Mind




Posted by George De Bruin