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Bratenschneider's The Edge EP

Bratenschneider: The Edge EP

Bratenschneider’s The Edge EP sounded like a good idea to me: minimal techno music with a fusion of psychedelic style. Sign me up, right? Right?

Therange Freak In Dub: Cosmic Transformation

Therange Freak In Dub: Cosmic Transformation

Therange Freak In Dub: Cosmic Transformation is an experiment in abstract psychedelic trance style that works very well overall.

Pk Jazz Collective's Red-headed Woman

Pk Jazz Collective: Red-headed Woman

Pk Jazz Collective’s Red-headed Woman is the tenth release on Southern City’s Lab. It is supposed to mark a return to rock music after experiments with psychedelics, jazz rock and several other styles of music.

Luxe Futura tells you How to Operate Your Mind

Luxe Futura: How to Operate Your Mind

Luxe Futura tells you how to operate your mind, or rather, he explains how your mind operates according to the Eight Circuit Model of Dr. Timothy Leary.

One Tasty Discretionary Divination

One Tasty Morsel: Discretionary Divination

I’ve somehow found my way into musical prankster territory this week. and this one tasty discretionary divination just adds to the fun pranks.

The Ephemeral: All Objects Lost

All Objects Lost: All Objects Lost (Self Titled / Eponymous)

All Objects Lost is a project from Nick Samarin and Polina Voloshina. On their eponymous debut release they explore ephemeral elements of the world around us.