Title: In A Garden Of Fools
Artist: Dr. MindFlip
Release Date: 2014 Dec 30
Genre: Alternative Rock
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Label: BandCamp / blocSonic


Dr. MindFlip Is In A Garden of Fools for the conclusion of his series of EP releases for 2014.  And this one is a doozie. The band has taken on a new dimension, and I’ve put my finger on an element that has alluded throughout the last three releases.

Dr. MindFlip Is In A Garden of Fools

Patrick McGlynn and company have had a busy year.  Three EP’s and numerous performances and appearances (like on Media Fortress’s Green Screen Sessions (see the video below) have had a measurable effect on the group.  They’ve grown together musically, and their performances show it.

This EP is supposedly only four tracks.  However, there is a fifth track: a hidden gem. The last track has a break in the middle of it for a bit of patter between Patrick and Aidan Guilfoyle before they start an acoustic performance of an un-named tune (which I’ve given the title ‘Cigarettes and Wine’ in my mind).  So, really, this is a five track release.  And, it’s the longest release they’ve had to do date, clocking in at over twenty minutes.

Something else that I have noticed that has come out in this release: another influence.  I originally rejected the blocSonic description, and came up with my own.  However, on this release I can definite hear the influence of Joe Jackson, or at least what appears to be Patrick’s take on Joe’s style.  This is especially apparent on ‘Whole’ and ‘Precious’, both in the piano arrangement and in the vocals.


How much more do I need to say?  Well, this is really a great conclusion to the series of EP that Patrick has produced throughout 2014.  It’s great to hear the way the band has developed, I had to admit to initially being concerned that this was going to be like Tori Amos trying to put together a band, which was something of a disappointment.  But that hasn’t been the case here.  Possibly that is due more to Patrick’s idea of combining live performances with recording a series of EP.  This gave the band the chance to really come together as a performing ensemble, while also giving them the space to experiment in the studio. Simply an excellent outcome.

Dr. MindFlip: In A Garden of Fools

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