Artist: Psykoxxx
Title: Come And Hear
Release Date: 2014 Sept 2
Genre: Breakcore / DnB / Trap
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Label: Coma Recordz / NKS International


If you thought you would never see the day where I actually talked about a Trap release on the CerebralRift, I have to admit I never thought I would review one. ¬†But then again, I didn’t think I would be reviewing metal, or a number of other styles on this site. ¬†But, thanks to DJ Habett I was introduced to Coma Recordz, which lead me to this release. So, come and hear Psykoxxx.

Come And Hear Psykoxxx

Okay, so this isn’t purely a trap release. ¬†It really is a blend and mixture of numerous electronic styles: breakcore, trap, drum and bass, and to my ears some reggae (in drum-n-bass form). ¬†Samples are taken from sources too numerous to keep track of. ¬†However, one of my favorite tracks on this release actually has Swedish yodelling, drum-n-bass, some glitch, and samples of a prog rock drum track, and even a little stolen pop-rock from the¬†early 1980’s, and some iconic prog flute playing.

To say that this release is a tapestry hod-podge of samples, beats and generally lunacy on many levels would be a vast understatement of the full range of this release.  It contains moments pure insanity bordering on levels of genius typically unheard in any style of sterile, putrid electronic music these days.

This release¬†takes queues from so many sources it’s¬†impossible to list them all. ¬†But some of the prevalent ones that stood out to me was Future Sound of London, Aphex Twin, and Joy Division. So, just who is behind this kind of insanity? ¬†Well, that would be¬†Batard Tronique, who is called the “gypsycore king” by the Coma Recordz website.

The release opens with a really strong trap tune called ‘Sexy Dead Chick’, the second track sounds like it is going to be another trap track, but then takes on elements of drum and base and industrial and super dark sounds that I can only equate with classic Aphex Twin works like ‘Come To Daddy’.

But, the track that absolutely had me tripping on this release is ‘Hocus Pocus’. ¬†This is the track I described above with yodelling, prog drums and flute, and 1980’s pop. ¬†And there’s a ton more woven into this track that I can only describe as taking its own psychedelic twist into la-la land and never looking back. ¬†By the end of its mere 4 minutes and 29 seconds I was laughing my head off, and wanted to bow down to Batard’s genius insanity.

But not everything is perfect with this release. ¬†There is a lot of places where I had the feeling that the engineering and production wasn’t just rough, but was really kind of shitty. ¬†Distorted over saturated samples where they weren’t needed. ¬†Samples actually colliding with each other, instead of being sonically separated enough to bring out the layering that is intended.

I really think this could be a better release if Batard had spent just a little more time on the production side of this release.  The comparison to Aphex Twin and FSOL would be even more apt.


Overall this is a release from someone that is either insane, a genius or both at the same time. Batard Tronique has an produced tracks with an intensity and darkness to them that rivals FSOL an Aphex Twin. Unfortunately, this intensity is let down somewhat by the engineering aspects of this release.  However, it is still worth it to come and hear Psykoxx for yourself.

Psykoxxx: Come And Hear

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Posted by George De Bruin