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Pandacetamol's Fluffy Inside 3

Pandacetamol: Fluffy Inside 3

It’s dark, twisted, funky, and it’s definitely Pandacetamol’s Fluffy Inside 3. This is the most strange and interesting releases I’ve heard.

Come And Hear Psykoxxx

Psykoxxx: Come And Hear

I never thought I’d review trap. But thanks to DJ Habett I was introduced to Coma Recordz, which lead me to this release. So, come and hear the Psykoxxx.

The Twists of Jim Lace and Alex Nova

Jim Lace and Alex Nova: Twists

The twists of Jim Lace and Alex Nova are probably familiar to listeners of their former group Onyx System. After the breakup of Onyx System, Lace and Nova decided to see through the completion of seven tracks they had been working on during the Onyx System time.