Title: Brand Free Experience
Artist: The New False Gods
Release Date: 2015 Mar 23
Genre: Ambient / Experimental
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Label: Aural Films


Today we have a guest review of the latest release from The¬†New False Gods: Brand Free Experience release from the Aural Films label by Mark Blood. ¬†Mark really digs this new release as you’ll see in the¬†review below. ¬†He’s even got my attention with the reference to Bitches Brew…. ūüôā

The New False Gods: Brand Free Experience

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Building upon their last release Alternoia, which comprised collaborations between several distinguished ambient/experimental artists their new album Brand Free Experience is an hour long jam session featuring Jack Hertz, Onewayness, Rizokestra and Yeti Wolf. According to Jack Hertz, the album was recorded during a live jam that Onewayness, Rizokestra and he did at his studio. Later, some
overdubs were added by Yeti Wolf (horns) and Jack which were used to¬†finish it up. Jack goes on to say that the name came from a discussion¬†they had about how a lot of people are immersed in branding, and that¬†we must engage with things like music (art) and nature to de-fragment¬†our lives. I think that’s really cool

Listening to the second album is a joy. Although what is presented is a single jam session the artists clearly gelled. They have created a piece of music that ignores boundaries but which at the same time never allows itself to be fenced in. Imagine looking at the middle of the ocean: the weather is good, the sky is bright and sunny, but the water is alive: currents are continually boiling up towards the surface. Each is a different colour or carries fantastical life. Sometimes the currents endure, some race up and others meander slowly to the surface and at other times some are short-lived.

As the jam progresses you sink slowly into the waters and can feel the different currents flowing over you. You realise there is a sparkling effulgence surrounding everything, and all the themes the music has to offer have been woven through it. Holding the whole thing together is a syncopated drum backdrop Рnot meant to provide a basis for rhythm or beat, it is present throughout and gives us a handle on which to hang on to.

Some jam sessions are completely amorphous but this one just carries¬†you along and while its path diverges to gently explore new¬†territories it always brings you back. There are many surprises along¬†the way but I will not spoil those by giving them away. What is¬†amazing is that despite the activity and imagery the music conjours in¬†your mind’s eye, you realise after a while that you are becoming more¬†and more relaxed. Jack also describes the essence of the album as a¬†‘kind of “My Life In The Bush Of Bitches Brew”‘ He’s right The seminal¬†album he refers to is a favourite of mine and that same atmosphere is¬†present.

This is an idyllic, quirky, experimental ambient session. Being familiar with Alternoia I can hear elements that are present within both albums, but this is still quite different and is well worth checking out. For those who enjoy original ambient with an experimental edge, this is a Must!


I’d like to thank Jack Hertz and Mark Blood for the opportunity to bring this review to you on the day of the release of The New False Gods: Brand Free Experience. ¬†I’m happy to open the floor to anyone that is willing to contribute to The CerebralRift. ¬†Just drop me a line via the Contact Form if you are interested in submitting a review or some other article for inclusion on the site.

The New False Gods: Brand Free Experience

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Posted by George De Bruin