Title: Spirits Are Using Me Higher Voices Calling
Artist: The Implicit Order
Release Date: 2015 Jan 01
Genre: Electronic Plunderphonics & Psychedelia
License: CC BY-SA
Label: Self Release / BandCamp


With over 30 years of experience, it’s no surprise that The Implicit Order’s Higher Voices Calling them to explore something that is a fascinating subject: the concept of cults.  The Implicit Order started in 1989 as a Mail Art project which evolved into a music project exploring a wide range of topics including religion, suicide, grifters to name a few.

The Implicit Order: Spirits Are Using Me Higher Voices Calling

As stated about, this release focuses on the subjects of cults.  Tracks range from almost purely sonic interpretations of the mind as it exists within a cult (It’s In The Book), to a how-to manual for starting a cult (Trying To Recruit You), to the presentation of a child growing up within a cult (Child Of Rage).

This a release that is not for the faint of heart.  The Implicit Order has done a masterful job of assembling fond materials, and and creating soundscapes that are ominous, insightful, and just downright creepy at times.

But there is also a bit of humor in this work as well.  Trying To Recruit You sounds like a how-to manual for creating a cult.  And yet, one can’t help but feel that there is a bit of tongue-in-cheek in the spoken word narrative.  I mean, who would want to have a how-to manual for creating a cult?  And yet, everything that is in the narrative is accurate. The ideas of offering friendship, and creating a level of obligation, to breaking down a person’s mental faculties to the point of having a nervous breakdown are well known techniques used by cult leaders.

i like the idea that the concept of cults is not isolated from the topic of religion within this work.  Televangelists and evangelicals are called into question in several of the tracks on this release.

Possibly one of the more unnerving tracks on this release is Child Of Rage, in which a little girl talks about singing a song about her faith in Jesus.  What could have been seen as a simple, charming little girl is turned into an ominous even by the musical setting with children screaming in the background.  It truly brings out the creepy factor.


This is one of those releases that may not appeal to everyone.  It’s not a straightforward set of songs extolling the evil of cults.  Instead, The Implicit Order takes the time to put together a series of works that require the listener to pay attention, to separate the humor from the serious parts. To listen to with ears that are open to interpreting their work, and separating the subjective from the factual. It will challenge you to apply your understanding of cults to the materials they present in these works.  It’s definitely not an easy listening work, but if you challenge yourself with it, you might find quite a bit of reward within.

The Implicit Order: Spirits Are Using Me Higher Voices Calling

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  1. You are one of the few to get my tongue-in-cheek humor. Thank you!!!

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