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Red Clouds cover sun, moon and stars

James Hoehl: sun moon stars

The Red Clouds cover sun, moon and stars throwing the world into a pitch dark abyss where textures are only sensed through glimers of occasional light.

Environment Pressure Art Electronix

Art Electronix: Environment Pressure

Ed. Note: This review is retracted. Artist has chosen to remove the Creative Commons license from this release. This is an automatic 0 rating.

Deep Fuss Over Morphine Bandit

Morphine Bandit: Deep Fuss Soundtrack

The deep fuss over Morphine Bandit, or any of Textural Records artists is that they are quite heavily involved in some of the purest ambient music on the internet today.

Period Three (aka David Turgeon): Auld Cove

This is an old work from 1999. I can say that I am happy to hear it come to light now as a release from No Type, as the Auld Cove experiment surprises me.

Chasing Bronze Eye's Imperfect Past

Bronze Eye: Past Imperfect

When i was contacted by Bayshore Records to check out their most recent release it started me chasing Bronze Eye’s imperfect past.

In Retro Fog With Kevin Krebs

K. M. Krebs: Fog Sequences

A stunning recording. I hadn’t experienced this kind of work since I left college. Let’s look in retro fog with Kevin Krebs to understand his mastery.