Tag: Experimental

Voicetronics by Yan Terrien

Yan Terrien: Voicetronics

Voicetronics by Yan Terrien is a challenging work voical settings, and an extremely listenable work that you won’t be able to tear your ears away from.

Amplitude by Mark Meino

Mark Meino: Amplitude

Amplitude by Mark Meino surprised and possibly changed my expectations for techno music. And that is not an easy accomplishment.

BFW Recordings Album In A Day 10

Various: Album In A Day 10

BFW Recordings Album In A Day 10 is a stunning continuation of an adventurous series of recordings worth the nearly 4.5hrs of listening.

1981's Nocturnal

1981: Nocturnal

1981’s Nocturnal is Downbeat Goodness — but is that all there is to this work? Or does it really make it’s own mark on the listener?

Michael Peters: Lucid Dream Cities

Michael Peters: Lucid Dream Cities

Lucid Dream Cities showcases Michael Peters evolving guitar style: ambient, experimental, looping, jazzy, rock all swirled together in this lush release.

Passages, Volumes One-Three

New Weird Australia: Passages, Volumes One-Three

Passages, Volumes One-Three is the final compilation from new Weird Australia which regrettably ceased operations in January after five years of operation.