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Ambelion - Waiting for Quarters

Ambelion: Waiting for Quarters

Ambelion – Waiting for Quarters: remastered 2005 release reveals an artist that has given a lot of thought to the substance and forms of electronic music.

Mystified: Zombie Cowboy

I think I now have a new goal in life: attempt to collect all of Mystified’s releases. Of course, I would probably never get to listen to them all, but just being an archivist for his complete discography would be an amazing feat.

Cover: Udarniy zeH - Cloning Mechanism

Udarniy zeH: Cloning Mechanism

Challenging recording to listen to. Not because of the material, but because the artist is taking advantage of the low end of the signal and dynamic ranges available in digital recordings.

Cover: Cuckoo Spit - Salmon Custard

Cuckoo Spit: Salmon Custard

Cuckoo Spit is a new act following in the footsteps of others that have done electro-acoustic vocal manipulations. Their twisted bubble-gum first release is interesting and fun.

John Ov3rblast: Yours Faithfully

John Ov3rblast: Yours Faithfully

Each piece on Yours Faithfully bears the hallmark of it’s own, distinct personality.

The Lovely Moon: Moonlight Drift

The Lovely Moon: Moonlight Drift

The Lovely Moon (a side project of Bing Satellites) presents lightly textured ambient drone pieces with an attention to detail.