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In Retro Fog With Kevin Krebs

K. M. Krebs: Fog Sequences

A stunning recording. I hadn’t experienced this kind of work since I left college. Let’s look in retro fog with Kevin Krebs to understand his mastery.

Just A Glimpse of William Spivey

William Spivey: Glimpse

I’m being selective with ambient music, so I bring you just a glimpse of William Spivey for his unique blend of ambient and electronic styles.

The Fingerprint of Graindeur

Fingerprint: Delusions Of Graindeur

This recording was conceived as part of a masters thesis on granular synthesis, as such, the fingerprint of graindeur is all over this EP.

The Twists of Jim Lace and Alex Nova

Jim Lace and Alex Nova: Twists

The twists of Jim Lace and Alex Nova are probably familiar to listeners of their former group Onyx System. After the breakup of Onyx System, Lace and Nova decided to see through the completion of seven tracks they had been working on during the Onyx System time.

Cousin Silaas revisits the place it used to be

Cousin Silas: The Place It Used To Be

I encountered Cousin Silas on the Just Not Normal netlabel back in 2009. In an interview with Thomas Mathie about starting We Are All Ghosts, he mentions Cousin Silas as one of the artists that inspired him to start the label. So why wait until Cousin Silas revisits the place it used to be to write a review?

Ralf Behrendt: Cloud State

I find myself questioning if most ambient releases are really music. But these works are intensely evocative with exceptional artistry.