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Artificial Memory Trace: Reprint

Artificial Memory Trace: Reprint

Slavek Kwi’s recording of the machinery in his work environment provides a rhythmic background, with a few unknown random occurrences.

Onde Pussiere: Silent Rain

Onde Poussière: Silent Rain

Kecap Tuyul and Doedelzak were introduced during XtetX in 2015. Later that year the two recorded two sessions, the results of which were released as Silent Rain.

The Bell Hours Easy Weather

The Bell Hours: Easy Weather

The Bell Hours Easy Weather folk pop mixes current and classic styles into a work that is both sentimental to me, while having a foreign feeling to it.

Adventures from the Ocean of the Dead

Michelle Cross: Adventures from the Ocean of the Dead

Michelle Cross is a Chicago based composer, pianist and vocalist. Adventures from the Ocean of the Dead is her most ambitious release yet.

Mark Ward's Rampant Regardant

Mark Ward: Rampant Regardant

Mark Ward’s Rampant Regardant is a work that regards the past and is pushing the attack forward. A work that seeks, and finds a new direction.

Oliostere: Circonflexe

Oliostere: Circonflexe

Oliostere: Circonflexe it’s all in the rhythm or polyrhythms. The next chapter after Dave Brubeck’s seminal Time Out reaches new levels.