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Of Sacred Numinous Transmissions

Mystified and Daniel Barbiero: Numinous Transmissions

I didn’t know what to expect when Mystified asked me to check Numinous Transmissions. The title left me thinking there was going to be an emphasis on the supernatural (based on the word numinous). However, when I checked the description of the release it included the statement: “Exploring sounds and ideas of the sacred…” which, to me at least, leaned more towards spirituality and religion. While the two concepts are not mutually exclusive, I generally don’t feel there is much overlap between them. So, just what is up with this recording of sacred numinous transmissions?

Porki and Alvarado Explore Halla

Ari Porki & Christopher Alvarado: Halla

For their second release, Porki and Alvarado explore Halla, and this time they are bringing a boat-load of guests along with them: Jack Hertz, Cousin Silas, Stephen Briggs, Eyes Cast Down, and Void of Realms. It’s a mystical, expansive exploration that takes the listener through many dimensions. Join me on the journey.

Chasing Bronze Eye's Imperfect Past

Bronze Eye: Past Imperfect

When i was contacted by Bayshore Records to check out their most recent release it started me chasing Bronze Eye’s imperfect past.

The Winter of Electronic Abstract Technicumm

Electronic Abstract Technicumm: Winter

The Winter of Electronic Abstract Technicumm must have been quite productive based on listening to this new release.

Cover: The Enormous Space

The Enormous Space

Interpreting J.G. Ballard’s The Enormous Space can be a difficult and complicated task. Eleven artists undertake that challenge in this release.

Cover: The Womb: rigami Swan

The Womb: Origami Swan

Note: This review has been officially retracted. The artist has retracted the release, and removed the Creative Commons license from it. The document remains here as a historical artifact.